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Liana Sayer comments on time poverty

Women's Health article looks at unpaid labor

Aryelle Siclait, writing in Women's Health, examines the inequities of available time. She notes that time, like money, is something certain people have more of than others. "Every spare minute affords basic human rights and privileges, making excess hours a luxury and rendering a portion of the population 'time poor'," she writes.

"In many ways, women are the ones who will cut back work hours, or even pull out of the labor force,” says Faculty Associate Liana Sayer, director of the Maryland Time Use Laboratory. “Or they’ll simply try and do both a paid job and their unpaid labor, leaving less time for leisure and sleep.”

See the complete Women's Health story via Yahoo News


"Time Poverty Is The Health Issue We’re Not Paying Attention To But Should Be," Women's Health, September 2, Liana Sayer

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