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Rashawn Ray contributes to NYT Argument podcast

One of three panelists discussing how best to respond to policing problems

Rashawn Ray took part in a three-person discussion of policing issues recently on the New York Times' podcast, The Argument. "[W]hen you follow the money, just over the past five years, in the major 20 metropolitan areas in the United States, taxpayers have paid out over $2 billion with a B in settlements for police misconduct," he said. "[I]f we had police department insurance policies, if we had more police officer malpractice individual liability insurance, we would see not only a shift in financial culpability, but also a shift in accountability."

See the complete podcast / article on the New York Times (transcript)


Policing Is Not Broken, It’s ‘Literally Designed to Work in This Way’, New York Times, April 28, 2021, Rashawn Ray

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