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PAA prepares for 2021 Annual Meeting

May 5-8, 2021, in St. Louis Missouri

The Population Association of America (PAA) announced recently that it is proceeding with plans for its 2021 Annual Meeting, scheduled for May 5-8, 2021, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lessons from adapting to virtual presentations as a result of the pandemic restrictions have informed the organizing team's approach to the event. They noted that, "[W]e need to plan flexibly to meet members’ needs and travel restrictions in light of public health guidance. This is probably most important for our international members, students, and retired members. Thus, as we look ahead to the 2021 annual meeting, we know from the outset that we will be planning flexibly and inclusively. So whether you live in Indiana or Indonesia, or whether you are age 25 or 85, we will be thinking of you as we plan for PAA 2021."