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John Haltiwanger's study cited by Makridis in The Hill Op Ed

Housing market regulations have been the primary contributor to the cost of living for American urban homeless and unemployment since 1990

Christos A. Makridis, in an Op Ed published in The Hill, reports that rising cost of living poses great challenges for America's urban homeless and unemployed population, and among those challenges economists agree that housing market regulations stand out as the primary contributor.

The author cites Faculty Associate John Haltiwanger's 2014 article on labor market dynamism, explaining how land use restrictions are part of the reason why labor market dynamism in U.S. has declined by 10% since 1990.

Policies and actions promoting affordable housing and housing regulation reduction from both Obama and Trump administrations have been taken; yet not enough, he writes. "Talk is cheap. It’s easy for policymakers to rally behind more affordable housing and high-skilled jobs, but how we get there is the tough part.''

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