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Abraham on Alan Krueger

Katherine Abraham was part of the panel remembering Alan Krueger's impact

Fred Dews, writing for Brookings Now, reports on a celebration of AIan Krueger’s scholarly work and his impact on economic policy. The prominent Princeton economist "made a lasting mark on economic research on topics ranging from labor markets to education and from terrorism to rock music," Dews noted. The session opened with a remembrance of Alan Krueger and comments from former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke. Faculty Associate Katherine Abraham was part of the panel and highlighted Krueger’s work on showing the evidence about how search intensity changes for unemployed people with the duration of their employment, and how people are spending their time when they are not working.

In addition, all panelists remembered Krueger’s commitment to credible, thorough research on “the credibility revolution”, the movement among economists to make research as comprehensive and replicable as possible.

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