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Roby on growth of boutique health care

New Tia Clinic provides supportive environment for reproductive health care, at a price

Hannah Smothers writing for Cosmopolitan reports on the recent opening of the Tia Clinic in New York City. This brand new membership-based women’s health practice feels like a luxury hotel in which women can feel secure and comfortable when visiting the gynecologist office. Tia Clinic started as a health-care app called Tia, an online community for women to get answers to questions about their reproductive health. Faculty Associate Dylan Roby comments on how this millennial-looking chain of clinics have been growing in popularity over the past years not only on wealthy areas; “The target population for these practices is people who have expendable incomes and are willing to pay for the privilege of better access. . . . [A]nd that’s inequitable when you compare it to people who have less means to buy that access”.

Tia Clinic’s business model is that people with health insurance can still visit its facilities and pay nothing but a cost of a membership. Roby adds; “There’s some guarantee on same-day appointments and extended hours, and you’re basically able to see your doctor (or a doctor who talks to your doctor) on a daily basis”.

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