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Richardson on gun violence prevention

Hospital-based interventions are helping the lives of violence survivors

Nick Wing, writing for Huffpost, reports about an intervention program based on the research work conducted by Faculty Associate Joseph Richardson on violence prevention. The intervention program, called the Capital Region Violence Intervention, was launched in September 2017. It arose from Richardson’s initial research, treating violence from a hospital-based violence intervention program (HVIP). This work, as highlighted in the article, “gives survivor tools to make lifestyle changes that can prevent them from being re-victimized or from perpetrating further violence. Research shows HVIPs have been effective at reducing violent injury and death, which can lead to substantial savings on health care and criminal justice costs.”

“Of the more than 100 patients so far enrolled, none has been re-hospitalized for violent injury," Richardson said. Before the program’s launch, one-third of all violently injured patients doctors saw had been hospitalized two or more times before,” he added. Richardson plans to begin the largest randomized study ever conducted on the effectiveness of HVIPs, which will include a sample of as many as 800 patients at participating programs in the Washington metro area.

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