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Kleykamp research featured on NPR

Unemployment rates among female veterans are twice as high as the general population

Female veterans who served in the military since 9/11 have almost double the national unemployment rate (11.2% vs. 5.8%), according to a recent story reported on NPR. MPRC Faculty Associate Meredith Kleykamp says that there is no easy explanation for women's difficulty finding jobs after leaving the military. Kleykamp sent employers fictitious resumes from women veterans and non-veterans in order to find out whether employers differentiated between the two groups. Employers showed more interest in veterans than they did in non-veterans. But this preference for veterans does not seem to translate into higher employment rates. Kleykamp is currently conducting interviews with women veterans about their post-military employment experiences, and hopes that information gained from these interviews will shed light on the reasons for female veterans' problems finding employment.

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