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Mei-Ling Ting Lee leads new industry project

New care management model will provide patients with individualized information about projected health outcomes

Dr. Mei-Ling Ting Lee will lead a team of researchers and graduate students from the University of Maryland’s Biostatistics and Risk Assessment Center to work with a leading industry partner, Synaptic Advisory Partners, to develop a new Care Management Population Stratification Model that will work with Synaptic’s existing population health management software. Dr. Lee’s team will develop a new model that will be able to predict the likelihood of future diagnoses and key medical events for each patient based on that patient’s full demographic profile and medical history. The results will give healthcare providers a valuable tool to develop individualized care plans for patients, and have more productive conversations with patients about their health.

The project will be funded through an award from Maryland Industrial Partnerships. The award helps Maryland companies develop, extend, and commercialize products through partnerships between universities and industry. MIPS provides funding matched by participating companies for university-based research projects that help companies develop new products.

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