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Family living patterns like the Depression says Goldscheider

Washington Post article focuses on extended family living situations nationally and in the District of Columbia

The latest census figures show "a sharp rise in families who have taken in adult children, siblings, parents, and roommates," write Carol Morello and Ted Mellnick In a Washington Post article. Across the U.S., some 54 million people are living with extended family members, and in the Washington DC area the number is more than one in six.

Contacted for the story, MPRC Faculty Associate Fran Goldscheider pointed out that the combination of foreclosures and job losses has added up to a "double whammy" from the recession. "We haven't seen anything like this since the Depression," she said.

The authors add that the recession seems to have exacerbated an existing trend fueld by baby boomers caring for aging parents and the arrival of large numbers of Hispanic and Asian immigrants.

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