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Haltiwanger interviewed for Brookings Institute Podcast

Faculty Associate John Haltiwanger appeared on the Brookings Podcast on Economic Activity to discuss his recent paper depicting a surge in new businesses.

An increase in business formation during COVID-19 may be a sign of a growing U.S. economy, according to a paper written by faculty associate John Haltiwanger. 

The paper “Surging Business Formation in the Pandemic: Causes and Consequences?”, which Haltiwanger co-authored with Ryan A. Decker of the Federal Reserve Board, led to Haltiwanger being interviewed for an episode of the Brookings Podcast on Economic Activity on Nov. 30.  

The pair found a consistent growth in IRS applications for new employee identification numbers that started in the second half of 2020 and has continued into 2023. The increase in applications preceded a growth in new businesses, as well as a growth in new locations of existing business. 

The paper was part of the fall 2023 edition of the Brookings Papers on Economic Activity.

The episode titled “Is the post-pandemic surge in business dynamism here to stay” can be found on the Brookings website, as well as on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

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