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Vanessa Frias-Martinez Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 8 references in this bibliography folder.

Molnar, A, Virseda, J, and Frias-Martinez, V (2015).
Insights from EducaMovil: Involving Teachers in Creating Educational Content for Mobile Learning Games
Jornal of Interactive Learning Research, 26(2).

Frias-Martinez, V and Frias-Martinez, E (2014).
Spectral Clustering for Sensing Urban Land Use using Twitter Activity
International Scientific Journal Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 35.

Frias-Martinez, V, Soto, V, Sanchez, A, and Frias-Martinez, E (2014).
Consensus Clustering for Urban Land Use Analysis using Cell Phone Network Data
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, 17(1).

Quinn, J, Frias-Martinez, V, and Subramanian, L (2014).
Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence in the Developing World
AI Magazine.

Frias-Martinez, V (2013).
ICT, development and small businesses
In: Mobile Phones and Emerging Markers in Latin America (Telefonia Movil y Mercados Emergentes Latinoamericanos), chap. 14, Ariel Eds.

Frias-Martinez, V and Virseda, J (2013).
Cell Phone Analytics: Scaling Human Behavior Studies into the Millions
Journal of Information Technologies and International Development, 9(2).

Frias-Martinez, V, Virseda, J, and Frias-Martinez, E (2012).
Socioeconomic Status and Physical Mobility
Journal of Information Technology for Development:1-16.

Mirabal, N, Frias-Martinez, V, Hassan, T, and Frias-Martinez, E (2012).
Fermi's Sibyl: Mining the Gamma-ray Sky for Dark Matter Subhaloes
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, 424:L64-L68.

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