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Tannistha Samanta

Tannistha Samanta


Indian Institute of Technology - Gandhinagar


  1. M.Sc. in Economics, University of Calcutta (India), 2004
  2. M.Phil. in Applied Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University (CDS, India), 2006


Specialty Areas:

Gender, Work and Family and Demography

As a part of my past research I have tried to explore the relationship between a woman's role as a mother and her role as an economic provider. In particular, I have attempted to identify the social and economic conditions under which women's income-producing work results in healthier, better-nourished children and those conditions under which it fails to do so. The primary focus of my research has always been on India, where I have tried to redefine the notion of women's work to understand closely and accurately women's health in relation to her work and social roles. Currently I am interested to work on the domains of gender, work and family and demography with a special focus on developing countries.




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