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Terence Thornberry Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 39 references in this bibliography folder.

Augustyn, MB, Loughran, T, Philippi, PL, Thornberry, TP, and Henry, KL (In press).
How Early Is Too Early? Identification of Elevated, Persistent Problem Behavior in Childhood
Prevention Science:1-11.

Augustyn, MB and Thornberry, TP (Forthcoming).
Maltreatment and subsequent patterns of substance abuse
In: Kriminologie - Kriminalpolitik - Strafrecht. Festschrift fur Hans-Jurgen Kerner zum 70 (Criminology - Crime Policy - Penal Law. Festschrift for Hans-Jurgen Kerner on the occasion of his 70th birthday), ed. by Klaus Boers, Thomas Feltes, Jorg Kinzig, Lawrence W. Sherman, Franz Streng, Gerson Trug. Mohr Siebeck, Tubingen, chap. *, pp. *.

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In: Sage Handbook on Criminological Research, ed. by D. Gadd, Sage Publications.

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Development and Psychopathology, 31(1):53-71.

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Thornberry, T, Kearley, B, Gottfredson, D, Slothower, M, and et al (2018).
Reducing Crime Among Youth at Risk for Gang Involvement
Criminology & Public Policy.

Thornberry, TP (2017).
Interactional theory of delinquency
In: Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, ed. by Gerben Bruinsma and David Weisburd. Springer, Heidelberg, chap. *, pp. 2592-2601. (ISBN: 978-1-4614-5689-6).

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The impact of adolescent risk behavior on partner relationships
Advances in Life Course Research, 28:6-21.

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Population frequencies of the Triallelic 5HTTLPR in six Ethnically diverse samples from North America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.
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The Protective Effects of Intimate Partner Relationships on Depressive Symptomatology Among Adult Parents Maltreated as Children
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Like Parent Like Child? The Role of Delayed Childrearing in Breaking the Link Between Parent's Offending and Their Children's Antisocial Behavior
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School disengagement as a predictor of dropout, delinquency, and problem substance use during early adulthood
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Criminological theory: Past achievements and future challenges
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Explanations for offending
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Thornberry, TP, Knight, KE, and Lovegrove, PJ (2012).
Does maltreatment beget maltreatment? A systematic review of the intergenerational literature
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 13:135-152.

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