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Sacoby Wilson Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 33 references in this bibliography folder.

Ezeugoh, RI, Puett, R, Payne-Sturges, D, Cruz-Cano, R, and Wilson, SM (In press).
Air Quality Assessment of Volatile Organic Compounds Near a Concrete Block Plant and Traffic in Bladensburg, Maryland
Environmental Justice, 0(0):1-11.

Kavi, L, Sinisterra, J, Bodenreider, C, Bellay, M, Ayub, K, Ravichandran, V, Archer, J, and Wilson, S (In press).
Environmental Justice and the Food Environment in Prince George’s County, Maryland: Assessment of Three Communities
Frontiers in Built Environment.

Annang, L, Wilson, S, Tinago, C, Sanders, L, Bevington, T, Carlos, B, Cornelius, E, and Svendsen, E (2016).
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Association between an Internet-Based Measure of Area Racism and Black Mortality
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Should We Put Our Feet in the Water?
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The Public Health Exposome: A Populationbased, Exposure Science Approach to Health Disparities Research
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Environmental Justice Movement: Reflection on History, Research, and Public Health Issues
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Governance Structures and the Lack of Basic Amenities: Can Community Engagement be Effectively Used to Address Environmental Injustice in Underserved Black Communities?
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CNN’s Black in America and Public Health: An Analysis of the Media's Role in Educating the Public
Center for African-American Research and Policy Occasional Paper Series .

Wilson, S (2009).
A Holistic Ecologic Framework to Study and Address Environmental Justice and Community Health Issues
Environmental Justice , 2(1):1-9.

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