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Sergio Urzua Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 20 references in this bibliography folder.

Rucci, G, Saltiel, F, Urzúa, S, and Muñoz, E (2020).
Wage Inequality in Latin America: Learning from Matched Employer-Employee Data
IDB Working Paper(9656).

Contreras, D, Rodriguez, J, and Urzúa, S (2019).
The Return to Private Education: Evidence from School-to-Work Transitions
Econ Papers(wp479):1-67.

Kaplan, E, Saltiel, F, and Urzua, SS (2019).
Voting for Democracy: Chile's Plebiscito and the Electoral Participation of a Generation
NBER Working Paper(26440):1-66.

Prada, M, Rucci, G, and Urzúa, S (2019).
Training, Soft Skills and Productivity: Evidence from a Field Experiment
IZA Institute of Labor Economics(12447).

Rodriguez, J, Urzua, S, and Reyes, L (2016).
Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Postsecondary Degrees: Evidence from Chile
Journal of Human Resources, 51(2).

Sarzosa, M and Urzua, S (2016).
Implementing Factor Models with Unobserved Heterogeneity in Stata: The heterofactor command
Stata Journal, 156(1):197-228.

Rau, T, Urzua, S, and Reyes, L (2015).
Early Exposure to Hazardous Waste and Academic Achievement: Evidence from a Case of Environmental Negligence
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(4):527-563.

Alderman, H, Behrman, J, Grantham-McGregor, S, Lopez-Boo, F, and Urzua, S (2014).
Economic Perspectives on Integrating Early Child Stimulation with Nutritional Interventions
Annals of the New York Academy of Science, 1308:139-148.

Lopez-Boo, F, Palloni, G, and Urzua, S (2014).
Cost benefit analysis of an integrated ECD program in a low-income country

Boo, F, Rossi, M, and Urzua, S (2013).
The Labor Market Return to an Attractive Face: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Economics Letters, 118(1):170–172.

Kern, M, Duckworth, A, Urzua, S, Loeber, R, Loeber, M, and Lynam, D (2013).
Do as You’re Told! Facets of Agreeableness and Early Adult Outcomes for Inner- City Boys
Journal of Research in Personality, 47(6).

Prada, M and Urzua S (2013).
One Size Does Not Fit All: The Role of Vocational Ability on College Attendance and Labor Market Outcomes
Journal of Labor Economics.

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The Education Health-Gradient.
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Comparing IV With Structural Models: What Simple IV Can and Cannot Identify.
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Heckman, J, Schmierer, D, and Urzua, S (2010).
Testing the Correlated Random Coefficient Model.
Journal of Econometrics, 158(2):177-203.

Townsend, R and Urzua, S (2009).
Occupational Choice with Financial Intermediation: Linking Mechanism Design with Heterogeneity to Econometric Policy Evaluation.
Macroeconomic Dynamics, 13(Suppl. S2):268-316.

Urzua, S, Bravo, D, and Sanhueza, C (2009).
Ability, Schooling Choices and Gender Labor Market Discrimination: Evidence for Chile.
In: Discrimination in Latin America: An Economic Perspective, ed. by Ñopo, H., Chong, A., Moro, A., Inter-american Development Bank.

Urzua, S, Bravo, D, and Sanhueza, C (2009).
Identifying Labor Market Discrimination using an Experimental Design.
In: Discrimination in Latin America: An Economic Perspective, ed. by Ñopo, H., Chong, A., Moro, A., Inter-american Development Bank.

Urzua, S (2008).
Racial Labor Market Gaps: The Role of Abilities and Schooling Choices.
Journal of Human Resources, 43(4):919-971.

Urzua, S, Heckman, J, and Vytlacil, E (2008).
Instrumental Variables in Models with Multiple Outcomes: The General Unordered Case.
Les Annales d’Economie et de Statistique, 91-92:151-174.

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