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Edmond Shenassa Ph.D.

Edmond Shenassa, Ph.D.


Family Science
Maternal and Child Health
1142GG School of Public Health
College Park , Maryland 20742
Office Phone: 301-405-3658


  1. Sc.D., Harvard University, Dual Doctorate in Epidemiology and Maternal & Child Health
  2. MA, UCLA, Social Research Methods


Dr. Shenassa's work concerns the interaction between individual and social determinants of health. This work, which is primarily focused on maternal and child health, can be further categorized into two general areas: 1) developmental sequelae of in utero exposures to toxins; and 2) social epidemiology of injury.


Dr. Shenassa's main research interest concerns the interaction between individual-level and social-level determinants of health. He is currently investigating social epidemiology of intentional and non-intentional injuries (for example, the effects of community-level availability of firearms on suicide and homicide rates). His other major areas of work regard long-term sequalae of in utero exposure to tobacco smoke, and application of social science findings to the field of public health and the methodological issues involved in such applications.