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Rashawn Ray Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 37 references in this bibliography folder.

Roberts, J, Mandic, S, Fryer, C, Brachman, M, and Ray, R (2019).
Between Privilege and Oppression: An Intersectional Analysis of Active Transportation Experiences Among Washington D.C. Area Youth
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(8):E1313.

Gilbert, K, Ray, R, Byrd, C, and et al (2018).
The Matter of Lives Underneath Black Male Skin: Using Theory and Media to Explore the Case of “Justifiable Homicides” for Black Males
Emerald Publishing Limited, vol. 20. Book Series: Research in Race and Ethnic Relations. (ISBN: 978-1-78635-052-7).

Gilbert, K and Ray, R (2016).
Why Police Kill Black Males with Impunity: Applying Critical Race and Public Health Theory to Address Determinants of Policing Behaviors and the Justifiable Homicides of Black Men
Journal of Urban Health, 93(1):122-140.

Gilbert, K, Ray, R, Siddiqi, A, Griffith, D, Baker, E, Shetty, S, and Elder, K (2016).
Visible and Invisible Trends in African American Men’s Health: Pitfalls and Promises
Annual Review of Public Health, 37:295-311.

Ray, R, Fisher, D, and Fisher-Maltese, C (2016).
School Gardens in the City: Does Environmental Equity Help Close the Achievement Gap?
Du Bois Review.

Ray, R, Gilbert, K, and Sewell, A (2016).
Mobile Technology as a Conduit for Reducing Obesity-related Health Disparities
Issues in Race & Society, 4(1):98-119.

Roberts, J, Knight, B, Ray, R, and Saelens, B (2016).
Parental Perceived Built Environment Measures and Active Play in Washington DC Metropolitan Children
Preventive Medicine Reports, 3:373-378.

Parks, GS, Jones, SE, Ray, R, Hughey, MW, and Cox, JM (2015).
White Boys Drink, Black Girls Yell? A Racialized and Gendered Analysis of Violent Hazing and the Law
The Journal of Gender, Race, and Justice, 18:97-168.

Ray, R (2015).
AME Church Massacre and America’s Inability to Acknowledge Structural Racism
Issues in Race & Society: An Interdisciplinary Global Journal, 3(2):67-71.

Ray, R (2015).
"If Only He Didn't Wear the Hoodie..." Selective Perception and Stereotype Maintenance
In: Getting Real About Race: Hoodies, Mascots, Model Minorities, and Other Conversations, ed. by Stephanie M. McClure & Cherise A. Harris, pp. 81-93, SAGE Publications, New York.

Ray, R and Brown, J (2015).
Reassessing Student Potential for Medical School Success: Distance Traveled, Grit, and Hardiness
Military Medicine: International Journal of AMSUS, 180(4):138-141.

Roberts, J, Ray, R, and et al (2015).
Built environment and active play among Washington DC metropolitan children: A protocol for a cross-sectional study
Archives of Public Health, 73(1):22.

Zambrana, RE, Ray, R, Castro, C, Espino, M, Cohen, BD, and Eliason, J (2015).
"Don't Leave Us Behind": The Importance of Mentoring for Underrepresented Minority Faculty
American Education Research Journal, 52(1):40-72.

Milkie, M, Warner, C, and Ray, R (2014).
The Social Psychology of Social Class Inequalities
In: Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality, ed. by Jane McLeod, Ed Lawler, & Michael Schwalbe, pp. 547-574, Springer Press, New York.

Parks, G, Ray, R, and Cox, J (2014).
Menacing Monikers: Language as Evidence
Wake Forest Law Review, 49(3):799-812.

Parks, G, Ray, R, and Patterson, S (2014).
Complex Civil Rights Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, An Exemplar
Alabama Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, 6:125-166.

Parks, SG, Ray, R, Jones, SE, and Hughey, MW (2014).
Complicit in Their Own Demise?
Law and Social Inquiry, 39(4):938-972.

Ray, R (2014).
An Intersectional Analysis to Explaining a Lack of Physical Activity Among Middle Class Black Women
Sociology Compass, 8(6):7870-791.

Ray, R (2014).
Helping Prepare Students of Color for Entry into the Middle Class
In: Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America: Adding Context to Colorblindness, ed. by Kristin Haltinner, pp. 127-130, Springer Press, New York.

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Social Dis(ease) of African American Males and Health
In: Urban Ills: Twenty-first-century Complexities of Urban Living in Global Contexts, ed. by Carol Camp Yeakey, Vetta Sanders Thomson, & Anjanette Wells, vol. 2, pp. 23-36, Lexington Books, Lanhan, MD.

Milkie, M, Warner, C, and Ray, R (2013).
The Social Psychology of Social Class Inequalities
In: Handbook of the Social Psychology of Inequality, ed. by Jane McLeod, Ed Lawler, and Michael Schwalbe. Springer Press, chap. , pp. .

Parks, GS and Ray, R (2013).
Poetry as Evidence
UC Irvine Law Review, 3:217-257.

Ray, R (2013).
Fraternity Life at Predominantly White Universities in the US: The Saliency of Race
Ethnic and Racial Studies, 36(2):320-336.

Ray, R and Jackson, PB (2013).
Complexity Begets Complexity: An Intersectional Approach to Work-Family Balance Among Black, White, and Mexican American Adults
In: Advances in Gender Research, Notions of Family: Intersectional Perspectives, ed. by Marla Kohlman, Dana Krieg, and Bette Dickerson. Emerald Press, vol. 17, chap. xx, pp. 243-264.

Hunt, M and Ray, R (2012).
Black Americans' Social Class Identifications: Trends and Determinants, 1974-2010
American Behavioral Scientist, 56:1462-1480.

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