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Philip Cohen Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 33 references in this bibliography folder.

Huffman, ML and Cohen, PN (forthcoming).
Management Matters: Gender Inequality and Diversity Among American Managers
Stanford University Press.

Cohen, PN (In press).
The COVID-19 epidemic in rural U.S. counties

Cohen, PN (2019).
The rising marriage mortality gap among Whites

Cohen, PN (2019).
The Coming Divorce Decline
Socius, 5:1-6.

Cohen, P and Pepin, J (2018).
Unequal Marriage Markets: Sex Ratios and First Marriage among Black and White Women
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Maternal Age and Infant Mortality for White, Black, and Mexican Mothers in the United States.
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MAN UP, MAN DOWN: Race–Ethnicity and the Hierarchy of Men in Female-Dominated Work
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Household extension and employment among Asian immigrant women in the US
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Parental Age and Cognitive Disability among Children in the United States
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Recession and Divorce in the United States, 2008-2011
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Cohen, PN (2014).
The Family: Diversity, Inequality and Social Change
W. W. Norton & Company.

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Children's Gender and Parents' Color Preferences
Archives of Sexual Behavior, 42(3):393-397.

Cohen, P (2013).
The End of Men is Not True: What Is Not and What Might Be on the Road toward Gender Equality
Boston University Law Review, 93(3):1157-1182.

Cohen, P (2013).
The Persistence of Gender Segregation at Work
Sociology Compass, 7(11):889-899.

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Are Children of Parents Who Had Same-Sex Relationships Disadvantaged? A Scientific Evaluation of the No-Differences Hypothesis
Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, 17(3):327-336.

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Mobility for Care Workers: Job Changes and Wages for Nurse Aides
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Homogamy unmodified
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Headed toward equality? Housework change in comparative perspective
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The Market and Gender Pay Equity: Have Chinese Reforms Narrowed the Gap?
In: Creating Wealth and Poverty in Post-Socialist China, ed. by Deborah S. Davis and Wang Feng. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, chap. ., pp. 37-53.

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