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Mia Smith Bynum Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 22 references in this bibliography folder.

Kelly, S, Jeremie-Brink, G, Chambers, AL, and Smith-Bynum, MA (2020).
The Black Lives Matter Movement: A Call to Action for Couple and Family Therapists
Family Process, 59(4):1374-1388.

Davies, B, Allen, S, Hart, J, Francois, T, and Smith-Bynum, M (2019).
“No [Right] Way to Be a Black Woman”: Exploring Gendered Racial Socialization Among Black Women
Psychology of Women Quarterly , 43(3):381-397.

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Racial socialization, private regard, and behavior problems in African American youth: Global self-esteem as a mediator
Journal of Child and Family Studies.

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The relationship between racial identity and perceived significance of the election of President Barack Obama among African American mothers
Identity, 16:182-189.

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Racial socialization and maternal positive emotion in African American mother-adolescent discussions about racial discrimination
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The protective role of maternal racial socialization for African American adolescents exposed to community violence
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An Examination of Sexual Behavior of Middle-Class African American Female College Freshmen
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Black Mother-Daughter Narratives about Sexuality: The Influence of Black Religious Symbolism on Attitudes and Behavior
In: Black Sexualities: Probing Powers, Passions, and Policies, ed. by J. Battle and S.L. Barnes, pp. 357-376, Rutgers University Press.

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The effect of childcare on employment tardiness and absences for mothers: Does marital status matter?
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