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Monica Das Gupta Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 22 references in this bibliography folder.

Das Gupta, M, Dasgupta, R, Kugananthan, P, Yao, V, Somanathan, T, and Tewari, K (In press).
Flies Without Borders - Lessons from Chennai on Improving India's Municipal Public Health Services
Journal of Development Studies.

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Population, Poverty, and Climate Change
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Universal Health Coverage
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Women's Empowerment and Fertility: Policy Lessons
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Armed Conflict, Gender and Schooling
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Violent Conflict and Gender Inequality: An Overview
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China's Marriage Market and Upcoming Challenges for Elderly Men
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The Political Economy of Village Sanitation in South India: Capture or Poor Information?
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How Might India's Public Health Systems Be Strengthened? Lessons from Tamil Nadu
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Implementing Public Health Regulations in Developing Countries: Lessons from the OECD Countries
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Gender Discrimination in Sex Selective Abortions and its Transition in South Korea
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Building Global Public Goods in Health: The Roles of Donors and International Agencies
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Can Biological Factors Like Hepatitis B Explain the Bulk of Gender Imbalance in China? A Review of the Evidence
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Public Health in India
In: Oxford Companion to Economics in India, ed. by Kaushik Basu. Oxford University Press, Oxford, chap. , pp. .

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P.N. Mari Bhat: An Intellectual Tribute
Economic and Politicay Weekly, 42(36):3611-3615.

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