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Long Doan Ph.D.

Long Doan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

4135 Parren J Mitchell Art-Sociology
College Park , Maryland 20742


  1. Ph.D., Sociology, Indiana University, 2016
  2. M.S., Applied Statistics, Indiana University, 2013
  3. M.A., Sociology, Indiana University, 2010
  4. B.B.A., International Business, University of Georgia, 2009


My research examines everyday interactions as sites in which the social inequalities associated with sexuality, gender, and race are produced, proliferated, and perpetuated. I study how people react to the structural conditions and cultural expectations in which they find themselves, as well as how people’s sexual, gender, and racial identities shape others’ expectations of, reactions to, and treatments of them. Although I focus on micro-level processes, my research explicitly links these processes to broader population-level inequalities. I show how these processes aggregate to the population.




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