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Laurie DeRose Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 21 references in this bibliography folder.

DeRose, D, Goldscheider, F, and Brito, J (2019).
Are Children Barriers to the Gender Revolution? International Comparisons
European Journal of Population:1-35.

DeRose, L, Huarcaya, G, Salazar-Arango, A, and et al (2017).
Children’s Living Arrangements and On-time Progression Through School in Latin America and the Caribbean
Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 38(2):184-203.

DeRose, L, Salazar-Arango, A, Corcuera Garcia, P, Gas-Aixendri, M, and Rivera, R (2017).
Maternal Union Instability and Childhood Mortality Risk in the Global South, 2010-2014
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Decision-Making and Contraceptive Use: Evidence from Uganda
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Inferring Gender-Power: Women’s Schooling and Relative Spousal Influence in Childbearing in Ghana
Genus, 66(12):69-91.

Gonzalez, AM, DeRose, L, and Oloo, F (2010).
In: Frontiers of Globalization: Kinship and Family Structures in Africa, ed. by Ana Marta Gonzalez, Laurie DeRose, and Francis Oloo, Africa World Press, Trenton, NJ.

Klein Hattori, M and DeRose, L (2008).
Young Women's Perceived Ability to Refuse Sex During the AIDS Epidemic in Urban Cameroon
Studies in Family Planning, 39(4):309-320.

Madhavan, S and DeRose, L (2008).
Families and Crisis in the Developing World: Implications for Responding to Children Affected by HIV/AIDS
Learning Group on Strengthening Families, The Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS.

DeRose, L (2007).
Marriage Type and Relative Spousal Power in Ghana: Changing Effects of Monogamy During Early Fertility Decline
Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 38(1):125-141.

DeRose, L (2007).
Women's Work and Breastfeeding Simultaneously Rise in Ghana
Economic Development and Cultural Change, 55(3):583-612.

DeRose, L and Kravdal, O (2007).
Educational Reversals and First-Birth Timing in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Dynamic, Multilevel Approach
Demography, 44(1):59-77.

DeRose, LF (2005).
Changes in Postpartum Practices in Ghana, 1988-1998
In: Reproductive Change in Ghana: Recent Patterns, Future Prospects, ed. by S Agyei-Mensah, J B Casterline and D K Agyeman, pp. 142-160, Department of Geography and Resource Development, University of Ghana, Accra.

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Men's Influence on the Onset and Progress of Fertility Transition in Ghana
Population Studies, 59.

DeRose, LF (2004).
Coping with Nursing and Working: How Employed Mothers Maintain Breastfeeding
In: Sex, Work and Survival: Gendered Strategies and Gendered Conflicts in Ghana at the Close of the Twentieth Century, ed. by C Oppong and Y P A Oppong, Currey, Cambridge.

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Does Discussion of Family Planning Improve Knowledge of Partner's Attitude?
International Family Planning Perspective, 30(2):87-93.

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Continuity of Women's Work, Breastfeeding, and Fertility in Ghana in the 1980s
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Fertility Desires and Perceptions of Power in Reproductive Conflict in Ghana
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Does Female Disadvantage Mean Lower Access to Food?
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Who's Hungry? And How Do We Know?
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Child Survival in East Africa: The Impact of Preventative Health Care
World Development, 24(12):1841-1857.

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