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Kevin Roy Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 49 references in this bibliography folder.

Roy, K, Zvonkovic, A, Sharp, E, Goldberg, A, and LaRossa, R (2015).
Sampling richness and qualitative integrity: Challenges for research with families
Journal of Marriage and Family, 77:244-261.

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Is stability always a good thing? Low-income mothers' experiences with child care transitions
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Fathering from the long view: Framing personal and social change through life course theory
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In search of a culture: Navigation of dimensions of qualitative research
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Fathers on the frontier of social change
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Theorizing alternative pathways through adulthood: The experiences of lowincome disconnected young men
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The effect of depressive symptoms on low-income men in responsible fathering programs

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Towards a new understanding of risk perception among young female BRCA 1/2 previvors
Families, Systems, and Health.

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Securing fatherhood through kinwork: A comparison of Black fathers and families in South Africa and the U.S.
Journal of Family Issues.

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Nurturing Dads: Fatherhood Initiatives Beyond the Wallet
Russell Sage Foundation, New York. ASA Rose Series.

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Making Daddies into Fathers: Community-Based Fatherhood Programs and the Construction of Masculinity for Low-Income African American Men
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Intergenerational Support and Reciprocity Between Low-Income African American Fathers and their Aging Mothers
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Father Involvement and Children at Risk in Low-Income Families
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Caring for "The Family's Child": Social Capital and Kin Networks of Young Low-Income African American Fathers
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Families in Society
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Amputation or Restorative Surgery? Notes on the Concept of 'Knifing Off' and Desistance from Crime
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Mothering Through Recruitment: Kinscription of Non-Residential Fathers and Father Figures in Low-Income Families
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Qualitative Insights and Methodological Challenges: Next Steps in Research On Low-Income Fathering
Applied Developmental Science, 11:234-238.

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