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Kenneth Leonard Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 41 references in this bibliography folder.

Leonard, KL (2008).
Is patient satisfaction sensitive to changes in the quality of care? An exploitation of the Hawthorne effect
Journal of Health Economics, 27(2):Journal of Health Economics.

Leonard, KL and Masatu, MC (2008).
Moving from the lab to the field: Exploring scrutiny and duration effects in lab experiments
Economics Letters, 100(2):284-287.

Leonard, KL (2007).
Learning in Health Care: Evidence of Learning About Clinical Quality in Tanzania
Economic Development and Cultural Change, 55(3).

Leonard, KL and Masatu, MC (2007).
Variation In the Quality of Care Accessible to Rural Communities in Tanzania
Health Affairs, 26(2).

Leonard, KL, Masatu, MC, and Vialou, A (2007).
Getting Doctors to do Their Best: The Role of Ability and Motivation in Health Care
Journal of Human Resources, 43(2).

Leonard, KL (2006).
Market Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Theory and Evidence
Econonica, 73(291):552-553.

Leonard, K and Masatu, MC (2005).
The Use of Direct Clinician Observation and Vignettes for Health Services Quality Evaluation in Developing Countries
Social Science and Medicine, 61(9):1944-1951.

Leonard, K and Zivin, JG (2005).
Outcome Versus Service Based Payments in Health Care: Lessons from African Traditional Healers
Health Economics, 14(6):575-593.

Leonard, KL (2005).
Collaborations of Mutual Benefit to Academics and Practitioners
In: Attacking Poverty in the Developing World: Christian Practitioners and Academics in Collaboration, ed. by J M Dean, J Schaffner and S L S Smith, World Vision and Authentic Media.

Leonard, D and Leonard, K (2004).
The Political Economy of Improving Health Care for the Poor in Rural Africa: Institutional Solutions to the Principal-Agent Problem
Journal of Development Studies, 40(4).

Leonard, KL (2003).
African Traditional Healers and Outcome-Contingent Contracts in Health Care
Journal of Development Economics, 71(1).

Leonard, KL (2003).
Bypassing Health Centers in Tanzania: Revealed Preferences for Quality
In: Le Financement de la sante dans les pays d'Afrique et d'Asie a fiable revenue, ed. by Audibert, M and Mathonnat, J and de Roodenbeke, E, Editions Karthala, Paris.

Leonard, K, Mliga, G, and Mariam, DH (2002).
Bypassing Health Centers in Tanzania: Revealed Preferences for Observable and Unobservable Quality
Journal of African Economies, 11(4).

Leonard, KL (2002).
When Both States and Markets Fail: Asymmetric Information and the Role of NGOs in African Health Care
International Review of Law and Economics, 22(1).

Leonard, KL (2001).
African Traditional Healers: The Economics of Healing
IK Notes(32).

Leonard, KL (2000).
Incentives and Rural Health Care Delivery
In: Africa's Changing Markets for Health and Veterinary Services, Macmillan Publishers, London.

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