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Joseph Richardson Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 18 references in this bibliography folder.

Wical, W, Richardson, J, and Bullock, C (In press).
A Credible Messenger: The Role of the Violence Intervention Specialist in the Lives of Young Black Male Survivors of Violence
Violence and Gender.

Richardson, J and Van Brakle, M (2014).
Taking Boys Out of the Hood: Ethnographic Insights on Parenting Strategies for African-American Male Youth
New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development, 143:11-31.

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I want him locked up: Juvenile confinement as a parenting strategy for pre-delinquent African-American male youth
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

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Expanding the African-American Studies paradigm to include health: A novel approach to promoting health equity
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Pathways to early violent death: The ‘voices’ of serious violent youth offenders
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Beyond the playing field: Coaches as social capital for inner-city adolescent African-American males
Journal of African-American Studies, 16(2):171-194.

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The least of these: Chronic exposure to violence and HIV risk among African-American male violent youth offenders detained in an adult jail
The Journal of Black Psychology.

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At Wits End: A Qualitative Study of the Relationship Between African-American Parenting Strategies, Social Capital, the Juvenile Justice System and Mental Healthcare for At-Risk Youth
Journal of Correctional Healthcare, 17(4):319-328.

Richardson, J (2010).
The Emerging Role of the African-American Uncle in the Lives of Single-Female Headed Households and At-risk African-American Youth
In: Social Work with African-Amerian Males: Health, Mental Health and Social Policy, ed. by Waldo E. Johnson, Oxford University Press, New York.

Richardson, J (2010).
Men do Matter: The Socially Supportive Role of the African American "Uncle" in the Lives of Single-Female headed Households and At-Risk African American Male Youth
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Men Do Matter: Ethnographic Insights on the Socially Supportive Role of the African-American Uncle in the Lives of Inner-City African-American Male Youth
Journal of Family Issues, 30:1041-1069.

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Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and HIV Disparities in Correctional Settings: Practice and Policy Implications for African Americans
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Homicide and Violence among African American Youth: From Epidemic to Endemic?
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The Emerging Role of the African-American Uncle in the Lives Single-Female Headed Household and At-Risk African-American Male Youth
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Richardson, J (2005).
An Ethnographic Adolescent Life-Course Study of Social Capital in Communities and Families and the Impact on Serious Youth Violence Among At-Risk Early Adolescent African-American Males
In: Marginality, Power and Social Structure: Issues in Race, Class and Gender Analysis, ed. by Rutledge Dennis, vol. Research in Race and Ethnic Relations(12), JAI Press.

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