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Jessica Goldberg Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 8 references in this bibliography folder.

Goldberg, J, Macis, M, and Chintagunta, P (2018).
Leveraging Patients’ Social Networks to Overcome Tuberculosis Under-detection: A Field Experiment in India
International Growth Centre.

Brune, L, Gine, X, Goldberg, J, and Yank, D (2016).
Facilitating Savings for Agriculture: Field Experimental Evidence from Malawi
Economic Development and Cultural Change, 64(2):187-220.

Gine, X, Goldberg, J, Silverman, D, and Yang, D (2016).
Revising Commitments: Time Preference and Time-Inconsistency in the Field
The Economic Journal, 128:159-188.

Goldberg, J (2016).
Kwacha gonna do? Experimental evidence about labor supply in rural Malawi
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(1):129-149.

Gine, X, Goldberg, J, and Yang, D (2012).
Credit market consequences of improved personal identification:Field experimental evidence from Malawi
American Economic Review.

Goldberg, J, Gine, X, Yang, D, and Brune, L (2012).
"Commitments to Save: A Field Experiment in Rural Malawi."
Working paper.

Goldberg, J (2011).
The lesser of two evils: The roles of impatience and selfishness in consumption decision
Working Paper.

Goldberg, J and Smith, J (2008).
The Effects of Education on Labour Market Outcomes
In: Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy, ed. by Edward Fiske and Helen Ladd. Routledge, chap. 38, pp. 730-742.

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