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Cecily Hardaway Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 8 references in this bibliography folder.

Sterrett-Hong, EM, Kincaid, C, Hardaway, CR, Adams, M, MacFarlane, M, and Jones, DJ (In press).
Individual- and Family-Level Correlates of Socio-Emotional Functioning among African American Youth from Single-Mother Homes: A Compensatory Resilience Model
Journal of Family Issues.

Hardaway, C, Sterrett-Hong, E, Larkby, C, and Cornelius, M (2016).
Family resources as protective factors for low-income youth exposed to community violence
Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 45(7):1309-1322.

Mendez, D, Kim, K, Hardaway, C, and Fabio, A (2015).
Neighborhood racial and socioeconomic disparities in the food and alcohol environment: Are there differences by commercial data sources?
Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 3(1):108-116.

Hardaway, C and Cornelius, M (2014).
Economic hardship and adolescent problem drinking: Family processes as mediating influences
Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 43(7):1191-1202.

Hardaway, C, Larkby, C, and Cornelius, M (2014).
Socioemotional adjustment as a mediator of the association between exposure to community violence and academic performance in low-income adolescents
Psychology of Violence, 4(3):281-293.

Burton, L and Hardaway, C (2012).
Low-income mothers as “othermothers” to their romantic partners’ children: Women’s coparenting in multiple partner fertility relationships
Family Process, 51(3):343-359.

Hardaway, C, McLoyd, V, and Wood, D (2012).
Exposure to violence and socioemotional adjustment in low-income youth: An examination of protective factors
American Journal of Community Psychology, 49(1):112-126.

Hardaway, C, Wilson, M, Shaw, D, and Dishion, T (2012).
Family functioning and externalizing behavior among low-income children: Self-regulation as a mediator
Infant and Child Development, 21(1):52-66.

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