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Frauke Kreuter Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 70 references in this bibliography folder.

Kreuter, F, Sakshaug, J, and Tourangeau, R (forthcoming).
The framing of the record linkage consent question (im Erscheinen)
International journal of public opinion research.

Amaya, A, Bach, R, Keusch, F, and Kreuter, F (In press).
New Data Sources in Social Science Research: Things to Know Before Working With Reddit Data
Social Science Computer Review.

Bach, RL, Kern, C, Amaya, A, Keusch, F, Kreuter, F, Hecht, J, and Heinemann, J (In press).
Predicting Voting Behavior Using Digital Trace Data
Social Science Computer Review:1-22.

Keusch, F, Bahr, S, Haas, G, Kreuter, F, and Trappmann, M (In press).
Coverage Error in Data Collection Combining Mobile Surveys With Passive Measurement Using Apps: Data From a German National Survey
Sociological Methods & Research.

Sun, H, Conrad, FG, and Kreuter, F (In press).
The Relationship between Interviewer-Respondent Rapport and Data Quality
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.

Sun, H, Conrad, FG, and Kreuter, F (2020).
The Carryover Effects of Preceding Interviewer–Respondent Interaction on Responses in Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing (ACASI)
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology.

Bauer, PC, Keusch, F, and Kreuter, F (2019).
Trust and cooperative behavior: Evidence from the realm of data-sharing
PLOS ONE, 14(8):1-18.

Kern, C, Klausch, T, and Kreuter, F (2019).
Tree-based Machine Learning Methods for Survey Research
Survey Research Methods, 13(1):73-93.

Kreuter, F, Ghani, R, and Lane, J (2019).
Change Through Data: A Data Analytics Training Program for Government Employees
Harvard Data Science Review, 1(2).

Sakshaug, J, Schmucker, A, Kreuter, F, Couper, M, and Singer, E (2019).
The effect of framing and placement on linkage consent
Public Opinion Quarterly, 83(S1):289-308.

Sakshaug, JW, Stegmaier, J, Trappmann, M, and Kreuter, F (2019).
Does Benefit Framing Improve Record Linkage Consent Rates? A Survey Experiment
Survey Research Methods, 13(3):289-304.

Kreuter, F, Hass, J, Keusch, F, and et al (2018).
Collecting Survey and Smartphone Sensor Data With an App: Opportunities and Challenges Around Privacy and Informed Consent
Social Science Computer Review.

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The Effect of Differential Incentives on Attrition Bias
Field Methods, 30(1):56-69.

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Theory and Practice in Non-Probability Surveys. Parallels between Causal Inference and Survey Inference
Public Opinion Quarterly, 81(1):250-271.

Oberski, D, Kirchner, A, Eckman, S, and Kreuter, F (2017).
Evaluating the Quality of Survey and Administrative Data with Generalized Multitrait-Multimethod Models
Journal of the American Statistical Association , 112(520):1477-1489.

Schierholz, M, Gensicke, M, Tschersich, N, and Kreuter, F (2017).
Occupation coding during the interview
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 181(2):379-407.

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Using Mouse Movements to Predict Web Survey Response Difficulty
Social Science Computer Review, 35(3):388-405.

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Evaluating Active (Opt-In) and Passive (Opt-Out) Consent Bias in the Transfer of Federal Contact Data to a Third-Party Survey Agency
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 4(3):382–416.

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PracTools : Computations for Design of Finite Population Samples
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Can conversational interviewing improve survey response quality without increasing interviewer effects?
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 181(1):181-203.

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A Practical Technique for Improving the Accuracy of Interviewer Observations: Evidence from the National Survey of Family Growth
Field Methods, 27(2):144-162.

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Modeling Nonresponse in Establishment Surveys: Using an Ensemble Tree Model to Create Nonresponse Propensity Scores and Detect Potential Bias in an Agricultural Survey
Journal of Official Statistics, 30(4):701-719.

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Assessing the Mechanisms of Misreporting to Filter Questions in Surveys
Public Opinion Quarterly, 78(3):721-733.

Kreuter, F and M¨uller, G (2014).
A Note on Improving Recruitment Efficiency Using Paradata Information in Panel Surveys
Field Methods.

Kreuter, F, Mercer, A, and Hicks, W (2014).
Increasing Fieldwork Efficiency through Pre- Specied Dates
Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 2(2):210-223.

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