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Amelia Branigan Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 6 references in this bibliography folder.

Branigan, AR, Freese, J, Sidney, S, and Kiefe, CI (2019).
The Shifting Salience of Skin Color for Educational Attainment
SOCIUS, 5:1-14.

Branigan, A and Helgertz, J (2017).
Resolved Parental Infertility and Children’s Educational Achievement
Demography, 54(3):911-931.

Branigan, A, Wildeman, C, Freese, J, and Kiefe, CI (2017).
Complicating Colorism: Race, Skin Color, and the Likelihood of Arrest
Socius, 3:1-17.

Branigan, A (2016).
Does Obesity Harm Academic Performance? Stratification at the Intersection of Race, Sex, and Body Size in Elementary and High School
Sociology of Education, 90(1):25-46.

Branigan, A, Freese, J, Patir, A, and et al. (2013).
Skin Color, Sex, and Educational Attainment in the Post-Civil Rights Era
Social Science Research, 42(6):1659-1674.

Branigan, A, McCallum, KJ, and Freese, J (2013).
Variation in the Heritability of Educational Attainment: An International Meta-Analysis
Social Forces, 92(1): 109–140.

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