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Alok Bhargava Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 36 references in this bibliography folder.

Bhargava, A (2019).
Climate change, demographic pressures and global sustainability
Economics & Human Biology, 33:149-154.

Bhargava, A, Le Roux Booysen, F, and Walsh, C (2018).
Health status, food insecurity, and time allocation patterns of patients with AIDS receiving antiretroviral treatment in South Africa
AIDS Care, 30(3):361-368.

Bhargava, A and Tan, X (2017).
A Longitudinal Analysis of Internal Migration, Divorce and Well-being in China
Journal of Biosocial Science, 50(5).

Bhargava, A (2016).
Protein and micronutrient intakes are associated with child growth and morbidity from infancy to adulthood in the Philippines
Journal of Nutrition, 146:133-141.

Bhargava, A (2015).
Diet quality, child health and food policies in developing countries
World Bank Research Observer, 30:247-276.

O'Connor, D, Lee, R, Mehta, P, Thompson, D, Bhargava, A, and et al (2015).
Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration project: cross-site evaluation methods
Childhood Obesity, 11(1):92-103.

Bhargava, A (2014).
Firms' fundamentals, macroeconomic variables and quarterly stock prices in the US
Journal of Econometrics, 183(2):241-250 .

Bhargava, A, Guntupalli, A, Lokshin, M, and Howard, L (2014).
Modeling the effects of immunizations timing on child health outcomes in India
Health Economics, 23:606-620.

Bhargava, A, Guntupalli, A, Lokshin, M, and Howard, L (2014).
Modeling the effects of birth weight and size on child anthropometric measures in India
Health Economics, 23(606-620).

Bhargava, A (2013).
Dividend payments and share repurchases of US firms: An econometric approach
In: Handbook of Financial Econometrics and Statistics, ed. by CF Lee. Springer, chap. , pp. .

Bhargava, A (2013).
Executive compensation, share repurchases and investment expenditures: Econometric evidence from U.S. firms
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 40:403-422.

Bhargava, A (2013).
Iron status, malaria parasite loads and food policies: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Economics and Human Biology, 11:108-12.

Bhargava, A (2013).
Physician emigration, population health and public policies
Journal of Medical Ethics, 39:616.

Bhargava, A (2013).
Dividend payments and share repurchases of U.S. firms: An econometric approach
In: Handbook of Financial Econometrics and Statistics, ed. by C.-F. Lee, Springer.

Bhargava, A, Docquier, F, and Moullan, Y (2011).
Modeling the effects of physician brain drain on human development indicators
Economics and Human Biology, 9:172-183.

Bhargava, A, Guntupalli, A, and Lokshin, M (2011).
Healthcare utilization, socioeconomic factors and child health in India
Journal of Biosocial Science, 43:701-715.

Bhargava, A (2010).
An econometric analysis of dividends and share repurchases by U.S. firms
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A, 173:631-656.

Bhargava, A (2010).
Preventive Nutrition” (book review)
Journal of American Medical Association:304, 1014.

Bhargava, A (2010).
Globalization, literacy levels and economic development
In: The poor under globalization in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, ed. by M. Nissanke and E. Thorbecke, Oxford University Press.

Bhargava, A and Booysen, F (2010).
Healthcare infrastructure and emotional support are predictors of CD4 cell counts and quality of life indices of patients on antiretroviral treatment in Free State Province, South Africa
AIDS Care, 22:1-9.

Bhargava, A (2008).
Randomized controlled experiments in health and social sciences: Some conceptual issues
Economics and Human Biology, 6:293-298.

Bhargava, A and Docquier, F (2008).
HIV pandemic, medical brain drain and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa
World Bank Economic Review, 22:345-366.

Bhargava, A, Jolliffe, D, and Howard, L (2008).
Socioeconomic, behavioral and environmental factors predicted body weights and household food insecurity scores in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten
British Journal of Nutrition, 100:438-444.

Bhargava, A (2007).
Desired family size, family planning and fertility in Ethiopia
Journal of Biosocial Science, 39:367-381.

Bhargava, A and Amialchuk, A (2007).
Added sugars displaced the use of vital nutrients in the National Food Stamp program Survey
Journal of Nutrition, 137:453-460.

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