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Population Association of America 2024 Annual Meeting - In Person

Once again this year, MPRC will support Center Faculty Associates and Current and Active Student Research Affiliates participating in the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America

PAA Annual Meeting
 April 17-20, 2024
In Person

Susan Parker at PAA 2022

PAA Membership

All program participants (First or presenting authors, chairs and discussants) must register for the Annual Meeting. Participants registering at the non-member rate will not be required to join PAA in order to appear on the program. According to University of Maryland policy, Center funds may not be used to purchase individual memberships in PAA or other organizations. If you wish to continue your membership in PAA, you will need to renew and pay for your membership on your own by using the PAA website.

Since our school has moved to the Concur Travel System, our Administrative Core personnel will not be able to pay in advance for conference registration this year. Each traveler must do so on their own, through Concur (see below for FAQ's on Concur). Before doing so each traveler must:

  • first notify MPRC of your acceptance to be on the program at PAA, using this google form
  • verify that you meet the requirements for funding before incurring any expenses, 
  • receive the KFS # from Jennifer for your travel, 
  • once approved by Jennifer and have the correct KFS#, each traveler must then put in their own request in Concur for PAA Registration and Travel expenses. Please title your request, PAA 2024 Registration and Travel Expenses.
  • Your request in Concur will route through your home department first, and then through MPRC for financial approval. You must indicate on your Concur request that MPRC will approve of your Registration Expense plus Travel up to the cap amount indicated below for faculty or students that meet the requirements.
  • After your Request has been approved through Concur, you are responsible for organizing, securing, paying, and recording all of your registration and travel expenses through Concur.  See the job aid links below for how to navigate properly in Concur.

Hope Xu Yan and Layne AmerikanerRequirements and Funding Details: PAA 2024 Annual Meeting - In Person,  April 17-20 2024

  • Early Registration is open until February 16, 2024, per PAA, if you are presenting in any capacity, you must be registered by Sunday, February 11th, 2024.
  • Requirements for MPRC Support for PAA attendance: Must either be:
    1.  An active MPRC Faculty Associate on the Program. or
    2. Current and Active Student Affiliate in good standing, on the program, and who is co-authored with an MPRC Faculty Associate*.

* Students must have been affiliated with MPRC for at least one semester, in good standing for attendance, and co-authored with an MPRC Faculty Associate in order to be eligible for support.  

  • Location: In Person for 2024 is Columbus, OH

MPRC financial support for faculty and students meeting the criteria mentioned above, will be limited to:


  • Amount of reimbursement for travel expenses depends upon your role:
    • $1,100 for MPRC Faculty Associates who are on the program (presenting a paper, a poster, or serving as a discussant)
    • $900 for MPRC Graduate Affiliates on the program (presenting a paper or a poster), who are co-authored with an MPRC Faculty Associate.
  • No allowance is available for those not on the program or meeting the above criteria.
  • All reimbursements will be made through Concur.  
    • After your Request has been approved through Concur, you are responsible for organizing, securing, paying, and recording all of your registration and travel expenses through Concur. You must submit both a Concur Request (before travel) and a Concur Expense Report (following travel). See the job aid links below for how to navigate properly in Concur.

Poster Presenters 

See a tip sheet for poster presentation

Constanza Hurtado, Haoshu Duan, Layne AmerikanerFAQs on Concur

All UMD Employee's (Faculty and Students paid through UMD) must submit their own requests and expenses through Concur.  *If you are a student who is not on payroll in any form and is not in the Concur system, please contact . All requests need to be approved through your home department and through MPRC as the Financial approver of PAA 2024 before any expenses are incurred. Please title your request, "PAA 2024 Registration & Travel Exp". Airline expenses MUST be reserved through Concur. Hotels other than the Conference Hotel should be reserved through Concur. All other expenses must be uploaded through Concur for payment and reconciliation.  Remember all travel expenses are capped at the $1,100 or $900 amount (depending on your role) and will NOT be approved if you go over that cap. Registration costs are also reimbursed on top of your capped travel expenses.


After your return from PAA, you must set up an "Expense Report" based on your previously approved "Travel Request" through which you will record all of your registration and travel expenses in Concur and upload all receipts (remember to stick to budget limits).  See the job aid links above for how to navigate properly in Concur. Remember you have a maximum of 30 days from the date of travel to submit your expense reports. 

If you need assistance from the Concur Help Center, use the link above or check out their office hours for help:

  • Concur Help Center Office Hours on Zoom: - .
    • Tuesday 10-12
    • Wednesday 10-12
    • Thursday 1-3 
    • For assistance with Concur you can also email Travel and Card Services: or Phone support: 301-405-0607