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PAA Registration Fact Sheet

MPRC is glad to register Faculty Associates that are on the program and Current and Active Student Research Affiliates that are co-authored with an MPRC Faculty Associate for the PAA Annual meeting. In order to do so we need a little bit of information.

Before you begin :

If you are a current PAA member, be sure you have your PAA login. MPRC does not keep records of your login or password information, and we will need it in order to get you registered.

If you don't remember your login, you can request a copy from PAA

If you are not yet a member and want to join or don't have a login, please visit the PAA website.

Things we have to know
PAA Membership Status   Please select the most appropriate description.

Harassment Policy "PAA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming conference environment for all participants, free from harassment based on age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, disability, health conditions, socioeconomic status, marital or domestic status, political affiliation, or parental status (hereafter, simply harassment). All participants at PAA meetings are expected to abide by this Anti-Harassment Policy in all meeting venues including ancillary events as well as official and unofficial social gatherings: • Follow the norms of professional respect that are necessary to promote the conditions for free academic interchange. • If you witness potential harm to a conference participant, be proactive in helping to mitigate or avoid that harm. • Alert security personnel or law enforcement if you see a situation in which someone might be in imminent physical danger."
PAA Harassment Policy   Do you agree to honor the terms of the Population Association of America policy on harassment for the conference ?

Things that are nice to know
Expected Arrival Select the time closest to your expected time of arrival

Conference Role Check as many as seem relevant