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Michael S. Rendall Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 32 references in this bibliography folder.

Rendall, MS, Harrison, EY, and Caudillo, ML (2020).
Intentionally or Ambivalently Risking a Short Interpregnancy Interval: Reproductive-Readiness Factors in Women’s Postpartum Non-Use of Contraception

Eeckhaut, MCW and Rendall, MS (2019).
Are births following LARC use more likely to be intended?
Contraception, 100(4):342.

Rendall, M and Shattuck, R (2019).
First Birth before First Stable Employment and Subsequent Single-Mother “Disconnection” before and after the Welfare Reform and Great Recession
Journal of Poverty, 23(2):83-104.

Chen, J, Bloodworth, R, Novak, P, Cook, B, Goldman, H, Rendall, M, and et al (2018).
Reducing Preventable Hospitalization and Disparity: Association With Local Health Department Mental Health Promotion Activities.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 54(1):103-112.

Shattuck, R and Rendall, M (2017).
Retrospective Reporting of First Employment in the Life-courses of U.S. Women.
Sociological Methodology , 47(1):307-344.

Rendell, M and Greulich, A (2016).
Multiple imputation for demographic hazard models with left-censored predictor variables: Application to employment duration and fertility in the EU-SILC.
Demographic Research, 35:Article 38: 1135-1148.

Baker, EH, Rendall, MS, and Weden, MM (2015).
Epidemiological paradox or immigrant vulnerability? Obesity among young children of immigrants
Demography, 52(4):1295-1320.

Nazarov, ZE and Rendall, MS (2014).
Differences by mother's education in the effect of childcare on childcare obesity
Economics Letters.

Rendall, M and Parker, SW (2014).
Two Decades of Negative Educational Selectivity of Mexican Migrants to the United States
Population and Development Review, 40(3):421-446.

Rendall, MS and Parker, SW (2014).
Two Decades of Negative Educational Selectivity of Mexican Migrants to the United States
Population and Development Review, 40(3):421-446.

Rendall, MS, Weden, MM, Lau, C, Brownell, P, Nazarov, Z, and Fernandes, M (2014).
Evaluation of Bias in Estimates of Early Childhood Obesity from Parent-Reported Heights and Weights
American Journal of Public Health.

Rendall, MS, Ghosh-Dastidar, B, Weden, MM, Baker, EH, and Nazarov, Z (2013).
Multiple imputation for combined-survey estimation with incomplete regressors in one but not both surveys
Sociological Methods and Research, 42(4):483-530.

Weden, MM, Brownell, P, Rendall, MS, Lau, C, Fernandes, M, and Nazarov, Z (2013).
Parent-reported height and weight as sources of bias in survey estimates of childhood obesity
American Journal of Epidemiology, 178(3):461-473.

Joyner, K, Peters, HE, Hynes, K, Sikora, A, Taber, JR, and Rendall, MS (2012).
The quality of male fertility data in major U.S. surveys
Demography, 49(1):101-124.

Rendall, MS, Weden, MM, Fernandes, M, and Vaynman, I (2012).
Hispanic and black children's paths to higher adolescent obesity prevalence
Pediatric Obesity, 7:423-435.

Weden, MM, Brownell, P, and Rendall, MS (2012).
Prenatal, perinatal, early-life, and sociodemographic factors underlying racial differences in the likelihood of high body mass index in early childhood
American Journal of Public Health, 102(11):2057-2067.

Rendall, MS (2011).
Breakup of New Orleans households after Hurricane Katrina
Journal of Marriage and Family, 73(3):654-668.

Rendall, MS, Brownell, P, and Kups, S (2011).
Declining return migration from the United States to Mexico in the late-2000s recession : a research note
Demography, 48(3):1049-1058.

Rendall, MS, Weden, MM, Favreault, MM, and Waldren, H (2011).
The protective effect of marriage for survival : a review and update
Demography, 48(2):481-506.

Rendall, MS, Aracil, E, Bagavos, C, Couvet, C, DeRose, A, DiGiulio, P, Lappegard, T, Robert-Bobée, I, Ronsen, M, Smallwood, S, and Veropoulou, G (2010).
Increasingly heterogenous ages at first birth by education in Southern-European and Anglo-American family-policy regimes : A seven country comparison
Population Studies, 64(3):209-227.

Rendall, MS, Tsang, F, Rubin, JK, Rabnovich, L, and Janta, B (2010).
Contrasting trajectories of labor market assimilation between migrant women in Western and Southern Europe
European Journal of Population, 26(4):383-410.

Rendall, MS, Ekert-Jaffé, O, Joshi, H, Lynch, K, and Mougin, R (2009).
Universal versus economically polarized change in age at first birth: a French-British comparison
Population and Development Review, 35(1):89-116.

Rendall, MS, Handcock, MS, and Jonsson, SH (2009).
Bayesian estimation of Hispanic fertility hazards from survey and population data
Demography, 46(1):65-84.

Chaudhuri, S, Handcock, MS, and Rendall, MS (2008).
Generalized linear models incorporationg population level information : an empirical-likelihood-based approach
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 70(2):311-328.

Rendall, MS and Tarr, BM (2008).
Emigration and schooling among second-generation Mexican-American children
International Migration Review, 42(3):729-738.

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