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Michel Boudreaux Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 19 references in this bibliography folder.

Boudreaux, M and Lipton, B (In press).
Medicaid Benefit Generosity and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Medicaid Adult Vision Benefits
Journal of Human Relations.

Boudreaux, M, Fenelon, A, and Slopen, N (In press).
Association of Childhood Asthma With Federal Rental Assistance
JAMA Pediatrics.

Fenelon, A and Boudreaux, M (In press).
Life and Death in the American City: Men’s Life Expectancy in 25 Major American Cities From 1990 to 2015

Boudreaux, M, Blewett, L, Fried, B, Hempstead, K, and Karaca-Mandic, P (2016).
Community Characteristics and Qualified Health Plan Selection
Health Services Research.

Boudreaux, M, Golberstein, E, and McAlpine, D (2016).
The Long-Term Impacts of Medicaid Exposure in Early Childhood: Evidence from the Program's Origin
Journal of Health Economics, 45:161-175.

Lewin, A, Mitchell, S, Beers, L, Schmitz, K, and Boudreaux, M (2016).
Improved Contraceptive Use Among Teen Mothers in a Patient-Centered Medical Home
Journal of Adolescent Health, 59:171-176.

Pascale, J, Boudreaux, M, and King, R (2016).
Understanding the new health insurance instrument in the Current Population Survey
Health Service Research, 51(1): 240-261.

Boudreaux, M and et al (2015).
Measurement Error in Public Health Insurance Reporting in the American Community Survey: Evidence from Record Linkage
Health Services Research, 50(6):1973-1995.

Blewett, L, Marmor, S, Pintor, J, and Boudreaux, M (2014).
Aligning US health and immigration policy to reduce the incidence of tuberculosis
The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, 18(4):397-404.

Abraham, J, Karaca-Mandic, P, and Boudreaux, M (2013).
Sizing up the individual market for health insurance: A comparison of survey and administrative data sources
Medical Care Research and Review, 70(4):418-433.

Boudreaux, M and McAlpine, D (2013).
Health insurance policy and poverty: The case of Medicaid and Medicare
In: Poverty and Health: A Crisis Among America's Most Vulnerable, ed. by K Fitzpatrick, Praeger-PSI.

Call, K, Blewett, L, Boudreaux, M, and Turner, J (2013).
Monitoring health reform efforts: Which state level data to use?
Inquiry, 50(2):93-105.

Sonier, J, Boudreaux, M, and Blewett, L (2013).
Potential ACA impacts on Medicaid enrollment among currently eligible but not enrolled populations
Health Affairs, 32(7):1319-1325.

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Ethnic group differences in the relationship between depressive symptoms and smoking
Ethnicity and Health, 17(1-2):55-69.

Davern, M, Blewett, L, Lee, B, Boudreaux, M, and King, M (2012).
Use of the Integrated Health Interview Series: Trends in medical provider utilization (1972-2008)
Epidemiologic Perspectives & Innovations, 9(2).

Boudreaux, M, Ziegenfuss, J, Graven, P, Davern, M, and Blewett, L (2011).
Counting uninsurance and means-tested coverage in the American Community Survey: A comparison to the Current Population Survey
Health Services Research, 46(1):210-231.

Call, K, Davern, M, Boudreaux, M, Johnson, P, and Nelson, J (2011).
Bias in telephone surveys that do not sample cell phones: Uses and limits of post-stratification adjustments
Medical Care, 49(4):355-364.

McAlpine, D and Boudreaux, M (2011).
Managed Care
In: The Encyclopedia of Family Health, ed. by Martha Craft-Rosenberg & Shelly-Rae Pehler, Sage.

Turner, J and Boudreaux, M (2010).
Health insurance coverage in the American Community Survey: A comparison to two other federal surveys
In: Databases for Estimating Health Insurance Coverage for Children: A Workshop Summary, ed. by Thomas J. Plews, National Academies Press.

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