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Previous working group meetings

In reverse chronological order
Start Date Title Description
2014/09/12 12:00:00 GMT-4 I-Health and Well Being Working Group Meeting Organizational meeting of MPRC working group
2014/09/11 14:00:00 GMT-4 Culture and Population Working Group Meeting Sandra Hofferth (Dept of Family Science) and U.J. Moon (MPRC), “Parental Expectations and Childhood Activities in Immigrant Transitions to Adulthood"
2013/11/27 09:30:00 US/Eastern Culture and Population: Reeve Vanneman Topic TBD
2013/11/13 09:30:00 US/Eastern Culture and Population: Christine Bachrach Tentative topics : how draw the line between the interpretation/analysis of qualitative data and unfounded speculation? OR How to operationalize a conceptual model of culture as a network of schemas in the analysis of qualitative data?
2013/10/30 09:30:00 GMT-4 Culture and Population: Monica Das Gupta This discussion will focus on the process of combining anthropological and demographic approaches
2013/10/16 09:30:00 GMT-4 Culture and Population: Judith Freidenberg The Culture and Population Working Group discusses a topic proposed by the leader for that meeting - these are not formal presentations
2013/03/13 13:00:00 GMT-4 Culture and Demography: Reluctant Bedfellows or New Frontier (PAA presidential address) Christine Bachrach, Research Professor, Department of Sociology and MPRC, University of Maryland
2013/03/06 13:00:00 US/Eastern Cultural Portrayals of Intimate Partner Violence: Analyzing Media Coverage of Celebrity and Sports' Figures Domestic Violence Relationships Joanna Pepin, Graduate Scholar, Department of Sociology, University of Maryland
2012/11/01 14:00:00 GMT-4 Immigration Working Group Orientation Meeting for MPRC Immigration Working Group
2012/10/24 14:00:00 GMT-4 Neighborhoods and Communities working group initial meeting Working group meeting hosted by Jean McGloin, Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland