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Seed Grants 2012-13

"Thick": Effects of Perceived Body Image on the Physical Health of Middle Class African-American Girls
Rashawn Ray works to establish a better understanding of obesity and body image among Black adolescent girls
Leveraging Patients' Social Networks to Overcome Tuberculosis
Jessica Goldberg tests the effectiveness of new methods of enrolling patients in tuberculosis treatment by providing financial incentives for recruitment
Can Coverage Expansions Address Racial and Gender Disparities in Health Outcomes Among Americans with Chronic Disease?
Jerome Dugan investigates the connection between health coverage type and access to affordable quality healthcare
Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities in Postpartum Depression among a National Sample of US Mothers of Infants
Rada Dagher investigates the prevalence of postpartum depression among mothers from different racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds
Parental Age and Children's Disability in the United States
Philip Cohen and Gneisha Dinwiddie investigate the effects of parents' age on the health of their babies
Job and Wealth Loss and Racial / Ethnic Disparities in Health Services Use: a State-Level Examination
Karoline Mortensen and Jie Chen, Health Services Administration, examine racial / ethnic disparities in the wake of the 2007 Great Recession