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Seed grants awarded

The following list includes seed grants that have been funded by MPRC since 2001 - they are in reverse chronological order
Income inequality and adolescent 'drop out' behaviors
Melissa Kearney, Economics, plans to expand research into the relationship between income inequality and birth decisions by low-income women
Teens, technology, dating relationships, and dating violence
Faculty Associate Donna Howard, Behavioral and Community Health, is working on a mixed-method study of dating behaviors and electronic communication
Exploring the Nexus of Exposure to Violence, Psychological Stressors and Criminal Justice Involvement among Victims of Violent Injuries in Baltimore City
Joseph Richardson, African American Studies
Improving Quality of Life in Chinese and Korean Breast Cancer Patients or Survivors: Pilot Study
Sunmin Lee, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Life Course Perspectives on Bio-Social Risk: Understanding Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease
Gniesha Y. Dinwiddie, African American Studies Department
Clean Water, Health and the Market Mechanism: How Effective is the Market at Allocating Health Goods?
Raymond Guiteras, Economics
Reducing HIV Stigma: Measuring the Effectiveness of Various Interventions
Vivian Hoffmann, Agricultural and Resource Economics
The Role of Fathers in the Transition to Adulthood for Young Men in Urban South Africa
Sangeetha Madhavan, African American Studies Department
Consequences of Childhood and Adolescent Time Use for Health: Incorporating Race, Gender and SES Status Processes and School Context for an R01 resubmission
Melissa Milke, Sociology
The Effects of a Natural Disaster on Health Care Utilization: An Evaluation of the Hurricane Katrina “TexKat” Medicaid Waivers
Karoline Mortensen, Health Services Administration
Errors in Housing Unit Listing and their Effects on Survey Estimates
Frauke Kreuter, Joint Program in Survey Methodology
Measuring the Link between Medical Effort and Patient Outcomes in a Low-Resource Health Setting
Kenneth Leonard, Agricultural and Resource Economics
Improving Older Adults' E-health Literacy: A Pilot Study
Bo Xie, College of Information Studies
When Government Isn’t Enough: Public and Private Responses to Population Heterogeneity
Tracy Gordon, Public Policy
Seasonal Learning Differences in Neighborhoods, Social Class & Race
Odis Johnson, African American Studies
Social Context, Crime, and Educational Outcomes
David Kirk, Criminology
HPV Risk Perceptions and Barriers to the Gardasil Vaccine: A Qualitative Analysis of Mothers, Girls and Health Care Professionals
Laura Mamo, Sociology
Official records of juvenile delinquency in an epidemiologically defined cohort of predominately urban and minority youth
Hanno Petras, Criminology
Intergenerational Dynamics of Crime and Punishment
Randi Hjalmarsson, School of Public Policy
Gender and Generational Effects of HIV/AIDS in Rural South Africa
Sangeetha Madhavan, African-American Studies