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MPRC's Proposal Timetable

4 Weeks Before Sponsor
  Inform MPRC that you will be submitting a proposal and what kind of support you will need.

There may be several people submitting grants with the same deadline.  MPRC will need advance notice of your intent to submit a proposal for task planning purposes. Link to Notification of Intent to Submit Research Proposal

3 Weeks Before Sponsor
  If you would like MPRC to assist in budget preparation, meet with MPRC staff to discuss budget detail. Alternatively, if you know what you want included in the budget, email budget items and MPRC will prepare a preliminary draft for you to review and edit.

2 Weeks Before Sponsor
  Finalized budget and other support materials and a draft research plan to MPRC. Signatures on routing form
At this time, MPRC will acquire all needed signatures on the routing form and deliver your grant to ORAA. The proposal that goes to ORAA must be final in regards to all budgetary and subcontract  information.  A draft research plan can go with the proposal to ORAA and be updated before the proposal is sent to the funding organization.  
Please Note that ORAA requires that proposals are received AT LEAST 6 business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline; collecting signatures from the investigator(s), Chair(s), and Dean(s) will add another 2-3 days.
1 Week Before Sponsor
   Submit your final research plan text to MPRC.

If this is an electronic submission, final Research Plan pieces must be sent to MPRC, who will uploaded and send to ORAA

 Deadline Date
   If electronic submission: ORAA will sign off and send to agency by deadline date

Otherwise, MPRC Administrative staff will pick up signed proposal and submit to the funding by deadline date.