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Conference Program

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Monday, June 23

Tuesday, June 24


Yonatan Ben-Shalom (Mathematica Policy Research) – How do working age people with disabilities spend their time?  New evidence from the American Time use Survey

Lyn Craig (University of New South Wales) - ((Un)disrupted gender divisions of labor: shares of domestic work between co-resident parents and children aged 15-34

Denys Dukhovnov (CUNY, Queens) – The “sandwich generation” an analysis of who gives time to whom using ATUS data.

Katie Genadek (U of Minnesota) – Parents’ work schedules on time spent with children and teenagers

Seth Gershenson (American U) – Gaps in High school students non-school study time [paper]

Sanjiv Gupta (U Mass, Amherst) – “Time availability” and partnered women’s housework on weekends

Karam Hwang (UNC, Chapel Hill) - "How Teenagers Spend Their Time: Stratified Cultural Capital Acquisition in the United States, 2003-2012"

Charlene Kalenkoski (Texas Tech) – The caregiving responsibilities of retirees:  what are they and how do they affect retirees’ well-being

Daniel Kidane (Texas Tech) – the Impact of the great recession on Time use:  A comparative analysis among Demographic groups

Ket McClelland and Karen S. Hamrick (USDA Economic Research Service) – School meals and time use patterns of teenagers and adults with children 

John Robinson (U of Maryland) – As we (still) like it:  socializing, religion, kids remain our favorite daily activities

John Robinson (U of Maryland) – Mapping daily-life differences among American immigrants

Carrie Shandra (SUNY, Stony Brook) – Nonmarket Productivity among Working-Age Disability Beneficiaries: Results from the American Time Use Survey

Lindsey P. Smith (UNC, Chapel Hill) – Patterns of leisure time physical activity and sedentary behaviors among employed US adults

Younghwan Song (Union College) – A cross-state comparison of measures of subjective well-being [paper]

Younghwan Song (Union College) – Subjective well-being and migration in the United States [paper]

Charlotte J Tuttle (USDA Economic Research Service) - Time to Eat? The relationship between food security, SNAP participation and food-related time use.

Victoria Vernon (Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY) – Adult students:  college attendance and time use

Yanliang Yang (Virginia Tech) – Is it worth the time? Analyzing the interaction of money price, time price, and nutrition quality