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Title Description Tags State
Finding Work After War: The Role of Military Experience in Civilian Hiring Meredith Kleykamp explores job market outcomes for military veterans Faculty impact, Military population issues, Social and Economic Inequality, Kleykamp external
India Human Development Survey Second Wave (IDHS-II) An NICHD grant valued at about $2.5 million over five years is funding the second wave of survey research for IHDS Sociology, Social and Economic Inequality, Desai, Vanneman, Data development, Faculty impact, India Human Development Survey external
Shifts in Racial / Ethnic and Gender Composition in the Military Social structure, social systems and social networks with applications to military personnel and operational issues Segal, David, Social and Economic Inequality, Newsletter, Military population issues external
Reconsidering Military Identity David and Mady Segal reconsider the traditional formulations of the military profession. Segal, Mady, Military population issues, Newsletter, Segal, David external
Institutional Context: Schools and Child Development Melissa Milkie is completing an NICHD-funded project on “Social statuses, schools, and children’s problems” Newsletter, Social and Economic Inequality, Milkie, Children external
Transitions to Fatherhood Sandra Hofferth and Frances Goldscheider have just published an article entitled “Family Structure and the Transition to Early Parenthood” in Demography Fathers, Newsletter, Gender, Family, and Social Change, Hofferth, Goldscheider external
How Does Parental Stress Affect Child Outcomes? Natasha Cabrera has completed a paper on “Parenting and early predictors of Latino children’s cognitive and social development: Direct and Indirect Effects�... Social and Economic Inequality, Cabrera, Newsletter, Gender, Family, and Social Change, Health in Social Context external
Intergenerational Parenting and Health MPRC Associate Terrence Thornberry is studying Intergenerational Health using the Rochester Youth Development Study Thornberry, Health in Social Context, Newsletter, Gender, Family, and Social Change, Social and Economic Inequality external
Using IHDS Data to Explore Inequality in India Sonalde Desai and Reeve Vanneman study the "Determinants of Maternal and Child Health in India" Newsletter, Vanneman, Data development, India Human Development Survey, Social and Economic Inequality, Health in Social Context, Desai, Gender, Family, and Soc... external
American Time Use Survey Data Extract Builder (ATUS-X) and Conferences The American Time Use Survey Data Extract Builder has been up and running for a number of years, and the research team has sponsored conferences in 2007, 2009, ... Data development, Gender, Family, and Social Change, American Time Use Survey (ATUS), Time use, Hofferth external
Family Processes, Intergenerational Learning and Involved Fathering MPRC associates are collaborating on a component project that investigates intergenerational mechanisms through which “responsible fathering” may be transmi... Intergenerational, Goldscheider, Cabrera, Jean LaTaillade, Fathers, Roy, Gender, Family, and Social Change, Hofferth external