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Social and Economic Inequality

sei-icon-100Economic growth and development depend upon all citizens having the opportunity to maximize their potential, whether this is in terms of family formation, career path, or other long-term objective. MPRC researchers study inequalities by race / ethnicity, social class, age, gender, context, and nativity / immigration status in this and other signature themes.

MPRC research in this category is unique in its focus on key institutional contexts. Although population research usually focuses on the individual or family as the unit of analysis, from an ecological perspective, the individual and family are nested in a set of broader institutional contexts. Such institutions include prisons, the criminal justice system, health care systems, family and welfare policy, the labor market, the military, firms, schools, states, or countries as the context for population-related behaviors.

Areas of focus include :

  • Individual and family inequality
  • Schools and colleges
  • Organizations and firms
  • Criminal justice system
  • Military

Examples of current projects in these areas are listed here.

Using IHDS Data to Explore Inequality in India

Using IHDS Data to Explore Inequality in India

Sonalde Desai and Reeve Vanneman study the "Determinants of Maternal and Child Health in India"

Using IHDS Data to Explore Inequality in India - Read More…