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Sonalde Desai retires from UMD, with a parting gift

Principal Investigator of India's first large-scale longitudinal survey endows a $100k fund for global research

After 30 years at UMD, Distinguished University Professor and Faculty Associate Sonalde Desai is retiring.

Desai led the India Human Development Survey and played an important role at the Maryland Population Research Center over many years. During that time the IHDS project has engaged the work of several Faculty Associates and a large group of Graduate Affiliates. Dr. Desai has established a $100,000 research fund to support global societal studies. I hope that this funding will help increase understanding about, and connection between, the social changes that are happening around the world," she said.

Desai credits the university's supportive environment and mentorship as pivotal to her career path. She remarked that she is "so fortunate" for the role UMD played in her career.

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