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Rendall notes 'underestimation' in population growth

Baltimore Sun article reports Census numbers and their impact

Alison Knezevich, writing in the Baltimore Sun, reported that Maryland's population grew by 7 per cent and that it will retain its 8 congressional seats. Nationally, she added, the census results showed that U.S. population growth was the slowest since the 1930s. It now stands at 331,449,281.

MPRC Director Michael Rendall told her that “The U.S. is an aging population, and countries around the world that are aging have been slowing in their decade-to-decade changes.” Rendall noted that when compared to previous annual population estimates, the new census results show “we’ve underestimated how much the population has been growing. The comparison to the 2019 estimates suggests that there are more people living in the U.S. than we thought there were, and that’s also true of Maryland,” he said.

See the complete article in the Baltimore Sun


Maryland’s population grew by 7%, census shows; state will retain 8 seats in U.S. House, Baltimore Sun, April 26, 2021, Michael Rendall