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American Statistical Association honors Kreuter

Listing honors Women's History Month

The American Statistical Association honors Faculty Associate and Chair of the Joint Program in Survey Methodology Frauke Kreuter among a list of 32 women in statistics and data science.

From the ASA write-up: "Frauke Kreuter is a statistician who straddles the worlds of statistics, survey research methods, and the social sciences (in addition to straddling two continents!). . . . Combining her love of math and statistics and a desire to work in the social sciences, Frauke studied in the University of Mannheim’s quantitative sociology program. Early on, she became interested in the quality of the data used to test theories, data-generating processes and their biases, and methods to analyze data. These interests remain strong, and with the increase in data sources and use of algorithms, she feels studying biases and their consequences has become even more important. Her current research focuses on mobile data collection privacy issues and the use of machine learning techniques to improve data collection and processing."

See the ASA short video and listing

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