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Kearney research informs Business Insider editorial

Policies would make the poor even poorer, even before considering health care and tax reform bills

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa, writing for Business Insider, draws attention to the consequences of budgetary programs that target funding for the poorest in America. He quotes Faculty Associate Melissa Kearney's article in a new eBook, "Economics and Policy in the Age of Trump."

"Improving the childhood environment of economically disadvantaged youth and providing for basic housing, health, and nutrition needs of low-income families advances economic security and upward mobility. . . . A sustained, and ideally strengthened, system of federal anti-poverty programs would make it possible for more children to succeed in school and become productive workers in adulthood.

"Only with a strong set of support programs and targeted interventions will the United States be able to thwart intergenerational poverty, renew the promise of equal opportunity, and foster shared prosperity," Kearney writes.

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