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Paolisso moderates panel on the challenges faced by the Maryland crab industry

More effort needed to promote true Maryland crab at local restaurants and retailers

MPRC faculty associate Michael Paolisso recently served as moderator for a public panel hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, discussing the challenges faced by the Maryland crab industry. Globalization has had a huge impact on Maryland watermen. According to Steve Vilnit from the Department of Natural Resources, little of the crab meat served in restaurants in the region is actually from a local source. Most comes from China, Indonesia, Venezuela, and other countries.

“I think that a lot of visitors would be very disappointed if they knew that they were not getting a true Maryland seafood experience when they’re out at a restaurant,” said Paolisso. Paolisso is an anthropologist whose research focuses on the human dimensions of environmental issues confronting the Chesapeake Bay.

The panelists discussed efforts to promote local crab and educate restaurants and the public about the source of the crab meat they consume. True Blue Maryland Crab Meat is a certification program managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources that allows restaurants that serve Department-verified Maryland blue crab product to use a special logo on menus and advertisements. A website will also be available to help consumers locate restaurants and retailers that sell true Maryland crab meat.

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