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Typhanye Vielka Dyer Publications

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 23 references in this bibliography folder.

Salerno, J, Turpin, R, Howard, D, Dyer, T, Aparicio, E, and Boekeloo, B (In press).
Health Care Experiences of Black Transgender Women and Men Who Have Sex With Men
Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care:1055-3290.

Brewer, R, Dyer, T, Watson, C, and Scott, H (2016).
Navigating Opportunities, Learning and Potential Threats: Mentee Perspectives on Mentoring in HIV Research
AIDS and Behavior, 20(2):258-264.

Nelson, L, Wilton, L, Moineddin, R, Zhang, N, Siddiqi, A, Sa, T, Harawa, N, Regan, R, Penniman Dyer, T, and et al (2016).
Economic, legal and social hardships associted with HIV risk among Black men who have sex with men in six US Cities
Journal of Urban Health, 93:170-188.

Nelson, L, Wilton, L, Zhang, N, Thach, C, Regan, R, Penniman Dyer, T, and et al (2016).
Childhood exposure to religions with high prevalence of members who discourage homosexuality is associated with HIV risk behaviors and HIV infection in adult Black men who have sex with men
American Journal of Men's Health.

Dyer, TP, Regan, R, Pacek, L, Acheampong, A, and Khan, M (2015).
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Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44(2):429-441.

Williams, J, Wilton, L, Magnus, M, Wang, L, Wang, J, Dyer, T, and et al (2015).
Relation of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, and Depression to Risk Factors for HIV Among Black Men Who Have Sex With Men in 6 US Cities
American Journal of Public Health , 105(12):2473-2481.

Dunne, E, Penniman Dyer, T, Khan, M, Cavanaugh, C, Melnikov, A, and Latimer, W (2014).
HIV prevalence and risk behaviors among African American women who trade sex for drugs versus economic resources
AIDS and Behavior, 18(7):1288-92.

Harawa, N, Wilton, L, Wang, L, Mao, C, Kuo, I, Penniman, T, and et al (2014).
Types of female partners reported by black men who have sex with men and women (MSMW) and associations with intercourse frequency, unprotected sex, and HIV and STI prevalence
AIDS and Behavior, 18(8):1548-1559.

Keen, L, Dyer, TP, Whitehead, N, and Latimer, W (2014).
Binge Drinking, Stimulant Use and HIV Risk in a Sample of Heterosexual Black Men
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Differences in substance use, psychosocial characteristics and HIV-related sexual risk behavior between Black Men Who Have Sex with Men Only (BMSMO) and Black Men Who Have Sex with Men and Women (BMSMW) in 6 US cities
Journal of Urban Health, 90(6):1181-1193.

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Individual, network, and neighborhood correlates of exchange sex among female non-injection drug users in Baltimore, MD (2005-2007)
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Prevention interventions for human immunodeficiency virus in drug-using women with a history of partner violence
Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation Journal, 3(Supp 1):45-57.

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Towards combination HIV prevention for injection drug users: Addressing addictophobia, apathy and inattention
Current Opinions in HIV and AIDS, 7(4):320-325.

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