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Snaebjorn Gunnsteinssen Ph.D.

Snaebjorn Gunnsteinssen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Agriculture and Resource Economics
2106 Symons
College Park , Maryland 20742


  1. Ph.D., Economics, Yale University, 2013
  2. M.Phil., Economics, Yale University, 2010
  3. M.A., Economics, Yale University, 2008
  4. Sc.M., Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins, 2006
  5. M.Sc., Mathematics, University of Iceland, 2003


I am interested in all aspects of economic development in low income countries. My past work has focused on empirical contract theory, risk and insurance, agriculture, and global public health. I also have an interest in and work in progress on field experiment methodology. The part of my work that relates most to population research and demography are my work on maternal and infant health and the early stage fertility work that I referred to above. In that work I'm hoping to empirically estimate the impact of perceived infant mortality on fertility decisions.