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Omkar Joshi

Omkar Joshi

Student Research Affiliate

3140 Parren J Mitchell Art-Sociology
College Park , Maryland 20742


  1. M.A., Sociology, University of Maryland College Park, 2018
  2. M.A., Economics, University of Mumbai, 2005


Omkar Joshi is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Sociology at University of Maryland, College Park. His broad areas of interest are Inequality and Social mobility, Family demography and Caste networks and religion in India. Specifically, he is interested in exploring the links between economic inequality, labour market and family structures. His recent publications include (1). Who Participates in MGNREGA? Analyses of Longitudinal Data. (2) MGNREGA: A Catalyst for Rural Transformation.

Omkar’s previous work experience is in the field of Developmental Economics with a focus on employment and labour market, decentralization and rural service delivery in India. He has diverse work experience in academia, public policy and analytics. He worked for four years as a consultant with a leading think-tank NCAER in India.

He is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr Sonalde Desai with India Human Development Survey (IHDS) project and is leading an experiment in data collection on labour force participation in India conducted under the aegis of National Data Innovation Centre (NDIC) in India. His expertise is in all aspects of survey management including questionnaire design, training and field supervision, statistical analysis and writing research briefs, articles and reports. He also has experience in large-scale project management.




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